Return Policy

  • You can return items within 14 days (including holidays) as of the item you received. When you receive an item, it counts as 1 day.
  • Products must be shipped in original condition and in a packaging box complete with related accessories and “hang tags”.
  • The product is not damaged, dirty, has been used, and is immersed / exposed to water.
  • The package is intact and not damaged, dented, broken, torn, folded or scratched.
  • Please do not isolate the box excessively but simply wrap it to prevent damage. The item remains your responsibility until Element Suara has received it.
  • Please help to return the package carefully.
  • Element Suara will re-check the quality of the returned product. If there are requirements that are not met, Element Suara has the right to refuse the return of the product.
  • To return items can only be done by selecting one of the return methods:
    • Exchange the same item (color / size)
    • Refunds (account / credit refund)
  • Fill out the return form completely and correctly in accordance with the charging instructions.
  • 1 order number can only choose 1 type of return method (exchange of goods / refund / credit).

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